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TAU Tequila Store, presentations white, reposado, añejo and special editions, handcrafted in the Altos de Jalisco, 100% agave, no additives.

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The process at Tienda Tequila Tau

Process: We carefully select the mature agaves from the highlands of Jalisco that give rise to TAU Tequila.

Cooking: Made by artisanal process, we cook our agaves in masonry ovens and then extract the honeys and take them to ferment in stainless steel vats.

Fermentation: The fermentation process is accompanied by classical music, to create a pleasant atmosphere so that the yeast, in the process of converting sugars into alcohol, does so in the most peaceful and comfortable way.

Distillation: Double distillation in copper stills, where our tequila acquires its character and profile, in this process we separate the heads and tails of the distillation, to preserve and bring to our bottles the heart of the distillation, where the agave honeys become Tequila.

Rest and maturation: The resting and maturation of Tequila TAU is done in American oak barrels, barrels that have only been filled with tequila from our house.

Opinions in Tequila Tau store!

"It's a totally premium tequila, you can tell in the herbal notes and the aftertaste on tasting. Aromas linger on the nose."

jorge calles estrada

"A delight... Congratulations, "

Cesar Villalobos

"A Tequila of excellent quality, I highly recommend it and the best thing is that it is 100% handmade which makes its flavor unique. Do not hesitate to purchase this excellent product."

Marimar Flores
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