We in the culture

We are a Mexican company with more than 20 years of experience, our brand TAU launched in 2019, spreads the Wixárika culture with pride and respect.

We have a Mission

To offer a unique and authentic Tequila, to honor the identity of Mexico and Mexicans through Tequila and its culture, to know that we are among the consumers who like a pure Tequila, of quality and without additives.

We have a Vision

To position Tequila TAU among the premium Tequila brands in Mexico and the world, among demanding and knowledgeable consumers; whoever has or observes a bottle of Tequila TAU immediately thinks of Mexico, quality, tradition, elegance, prestige, style, status, legality and responsibility.

New special edition with Wixárika art!

Our awards

Gold Blind Tasting 2021


Best White Tequila 2021


Gold Blind Tasting2020


Our awards

Silver 2022


Gold 2021


Silver 2021


Bronze 2021

San Francisco

No additives 2020


Silver 2019

San Diego

Our culture

We are proud to make the Wixárika culture known, we do it with deep respect for their customs, beliefs and traditions, we are happy that they, the Wixárikas, decorate our collection bottles with chaquira.

The eagle, corn, peyote and deer, these elements descend from the sun TAU, therefore, for the Wixárikas TAU means god or sun.

They have 4 ceremonial centers, which when joined with straight lines represent the eye of the god, and it is believed that inside the eye of the god are the Wixárikas communities.

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